IVECO’s Gas-Powered Range

IVECO’s Gas-Powered Range

The advantages offered by Natural Gas technology are numerous, both from the environmental and economic sustainability point of view.

Thanks to more than 20 years extensive experience pioneering technology in natural gas, IVECO is proud to offer an alternative fuel range that provides safe, sustainable, and economical fuel for our future.

What makes IVECO’s Natural Power vehicles the perfect replacement for diesel is it’s proven technology, which makes their vehicles cleaner and less harmful to the environment than diesel. Whatever your mission their range of vehicles from 3.5 to 44T will have you supported. The refueling infrastructure is also growing with a multitude of gas suppliers ready to support you with custom refueling solutions and open access sites.

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Switching to Natural Power should cut your fuel bills by around a third, depending on the fuel you are running and the type of work you carry out. For some operators, that saving could even be as high as 40 per cent.

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IVECO’s gas solution comes in:

  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) which is gas the same as what you have in your home that has been super-cooled to -162c and cryogenically stored in liquid form. As LNG is a liquid, the energy density is greater than compressed natural gas so more fuel can be stored on board making liquified natural gas well-suited for trucks travelling longer distances.
  • Compressed natural gas (CNG) is a version of natural gas that is used in homes around the country, but has been tailor-made for vehicles by compressing, and then dispensed at 200 bars. CNG is the cheapest and cleanest fossil-based natural gas fuel, due to its low processing, electricity, and transportation costs.
  • Bio-CNG which is compressed Biomethane which differs from fossil-derived CNG/LNG as it is emitted from the decomposition of food and animal waste, collected in an anaerobic digester and then injected into the grid. By using (Bio)methane to power a gas vehicle the harmful effects of waste gases are significantly reduced, as only carbon dioxide and water remains after combustion.
Whether you opt for compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquified natural gas (LNG), switching to gas will improve your carbon footprint. The European authorities are encouraging the rapid development of the gas distribution networks. A list of stations available in Great Britain can be found at
Detailed testing of diesel verses Natural Power technology has shown the current generation of gas engines cut NOx emissions by around half. The move from Euro-5 to Euro-6 diesel engines had already made a dramatic improvement in NOx emissions, but with Natural Power, this has reduced more.
Another benefit to IVECO’s Natural Power vehicles is the reduced engine noise which makes deliveries such in urban areas suitable for night time operations, as well as low-emission zones.

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Our step-by-step guides have been produced to show you the simple filling process of CNG and LNG fuels.